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Private Parties

Let DJ Wiz rock your event with a professional and personally curated musical selection. We will create the perfect musical environment for your event.


Your special day needs a special DJ who will provide you with a memorable and eventful playlist! Let us make your special day the perfect day.


Your audience expects your event to captivate their attention and entertain their senses. DJ Wiz™ is the perfect caveat to control the musical temperature of any room.


DJ Wiz is available for branded partnerships and corporate projects. Let DJ Wiz™ bridge your brands influence to the perfect cultural soundtrack.

Video Mix Party! ™

DJ WIZ™ is the creator of the Official Video Mix Party™!  The Video Mix Party™ is a just like any other DJ oriented event.  The only difference is that it’s MORE EXCITING because the music is that is curated is directly tied to a HUGE video screen in sync with each song played at your event.  The audience has not just an audio & cardio (no pun intended, lol) experience but a visual  providing the perfect balance of entertainment to any event.  Let us take your event to the next level by adding video to the playlist and giving your audience an unforgettable experience!

About DJ Wiz™...

DJ WIZ™ a.k.a. Mark "WIZ" Eastmond

DJ WIZ ™ (a.k.a. Mark “WIZ” Eastmond) is a Hip-Hop icon and a graduate of hip- hop’s classic era who broke onto the rap scene in 1988 as the DJ mix-master for one of the genres most revered and popular groups, KID ‘N’ PLAY.  While
 throughout the 90’s, KID ‘N’ PLAY along with DJ WIZ™ continued to make their mark on the music industry on the road, touring with the likes of Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, MC Hammer, Big Daddy Kane, Digital Underground, Bobby Brown, Guy, Heavy D and the Boyz, N.W.A, J.J Fad, Too Short and Naughty By Nature.

He is the founder/owner of a company and brand called THE VIDEO MIX PARTY™. THE VIDEO MIX PARTY™ actually “mixes and scratches” music videos LIVE in real-time, using the newest audio-visual technology, combining the video classic hits of the past with today’s popular music videos.  DJ WIZ™ and The Video Mix Party™ have been utilized for corporate parties and events in brand marketing for advertisers and companies that want to feature products in the marketplace while entertaining the crowd with the hottest music videos.


If you are interested in bringing DJ WIZ™ to your next event or bringing the VIDEO MIX PARTY™ to your city, reach out to us and Lets Make It Happen!

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